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ReiColor - a medium sized company with over 30 years of history

The ReiColor Chemie-GmbH was founded in 1977 by the merchant Johann Leuthel and the chemical engineer Helmut G. Reitenspies. A few years after foundation, an own production and office building could be moved into, in Altdorf near Nuremberg, which was extended for more office space and a large warehouse in the 90s.

ReiColor Farben und Lacke GmbH in Sattledt has been responsible for marketing in Austria for over 10 years. There also is an extensive warehouse and a technical application field service.

For over 5 years now the ReiColor barvy a laky s.r.o. in Mýto/czech republic has reliably been supplying the Czech and Slovak markets.

The latest ReiColor company was founded in Hungary in 2007. The ReiColor festék és Lakk Ltd. has its headquarters in Károlyháza. From there they manage the supplying of the Hungarian customers in extremely short operating times.

Today the ReiColor group is managed by Helmut G. Reitenspies and his son Jürgen Reitenspies and employs approximately 60 employees.

Paints and Coatings - „Made in Germany“

The development and manufacturing of the products is done exclusively at the site in Altdorf (Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg) with excellent transport connections and infrastructure.

Quick access times to the production, short distances and qualified employees guarantee the highest flexibility and response times that are possible, even in case of short-term orders.

Due to an intelligent computer-based storage system and efficient logistic partners we are successful in supplying our customers quickly and without any complications. Even small quantities can be supplied on schedule and without small order surcharge.

Modern laboratories in company with professional specialists allow target-oriented development work, so that existing products can be permanently optimized and individual customer solutions can be realized cost-effectively.

The high quality of products and services is ensured due to our certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

All our subsidiaries run a well-equipped factory outlet which offers our own products and also a wide range of painting tools.