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Surface technology with quality producs which impress for over 3 decades. Get a first Overview at the following selection from our product range.

Corrosion protectionCorrosion protection

for steel and iron in the building industry for example Steel structures, roofing, container, machinery and equipment, vehicles

Zinc coatings and Zinc repair compoundsZinc coatings and Zinc repair compounds

for galvanized surfaces, steel beams, fences, railings, container

Heat resistant paintsHeat resistant paints

for temperature stressed surfaces for up to about 200°C and higher temperatures up to about 500°C.

Emulsion paints and wood stainsEmulsion paints and wood stains

for facades and walls. On plastic dispersion, silicone resin or silicate base. Colorfast stains on planed wood in the form of wood paneling, fences, wooden houses

Floor coatings and road marking paintsFloor coatings and road marking paints

for industrial floors, garages, storage rooms. For the parking and driveway markings on asphalt, concrete or stone

Cleaning suppliesCleaning supplies

for surfaces of any kind in commerce and industry. For machine and hand use.


Anti-friction coatings, phosphating and passivation, adhesive primers, toy paints, Conductive Coatings