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Cleaning supplies

for surfaces of any kind in commerce and industry. For machine and hand use.

Product Description Datasheet
CF-35 Citric Acid Cleaner
For the thorough cleaning of wall and floor tiles in toilets and showers, stainless steel surfaces, chrome fixtures. Dissolves lime and rust stains, water stone, oil, grease and dirt deposits.
CF-81 Window Cleaner
Excellent for the streak-free cleaning of glass surfaces.
CG-02 Dish Cleaner
Ideally suited for manual washing of dishes, pots, pans, china, stainless steel and plastic.
CR-12 Alkaline Cleaner
Alkaline cleaner for aluminum and galvanized surfaces.
CR-13 Stain remover
For dirt, oil and grease stain removal from fabrics, such as garments, woolen and table cloths.
CR-16 Acid cleaner
Aqueous cleaning concentrate for removing grease and oil in combination with lime and soap deposits.
CR-19 Ammonium chloride cleaner
For the rapid removal of soot, oil and grease, for floor and stair cleaning.
CR-20 Acid cleaner
Very strong mineral acid cleaner. Removes dirt, rust, scale approaches, metal oxides. Furthermore, scale, lime, concrete and mortar deposits. For industry and commerce.
CR-24 Stainless Steel Care
With anti-finger-print effect, solvent-based. Suitable for brushed stainless steel, such as catering kitchens, elevators, buildings, furniture parts, railings, fences.
CR-44 Brush Cleaner
Solvent-based concentrate for Brush, brush, paint roller and relevant work tools, such as spatula, stirrer, solvent-resistant pans made of tin and plastic.
CR-62 Solvent Cleaner
Solvent-based cleaning concentrate, suitable for lacquer and resinified surfaces.
CR-65 General purpose cleaner
Water soluble concentrate for the cleaning and maintenance of all permanent non-absorbent surfaces, such as flooring, tiles, toilets, doors, furniture, plastic sheets and painted surfaces.
CR-70 Resin remover
Chemically removes coverings made from tree resin, natural and synthetic resins, paints and residues from plants and grass residues on mowers, blades, cutting tools.
CR-75 Super-Cleaner
Liquid water-based concentrate. Eco-friendly. Replaces conventional mineral oil-based cleaner solvents in many areas. For cleaning of machines, engines, automotive parts, oil burners, workshop facilities, flooring, tools.
CT-12 Surface-Cleaner
For treatment of surfaces. Removes dirt, grease, oil and other adhesive surfaces, such as Fingerprints.
KW-80 Window Cleaner, antifreeze
Alcohol-based cleaning and anti-freeze concentrate for car windshield washer systems.
RE-54 Special cleaner for aluminum- and anodized surfaces. Excellent solvent power for oil and grease, adhesive residues, pencil marks.  
RE-55 Odor and a mild solvent-based cleaner for powder-coated metals, plastics and 2-C lacquer surfaces.