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Floor coatings and road marking paints

for industrial floors, garages, storage rooms. For the parking and driveway markings on asphalt, concrete or stone


Product Description Datasheet
ZG-04 2-C-epoxy-concrete impregnation, solvent-based, for the consolidation and sealing of concrete floors, floor coverings, absorbent natural and artificial stone. Bonding agent for mineral surfaces before applying 2-C epoxy floor coatings.  
ZX-04 2-C-epoxy-concrete impregnation, solvent, for floors screed or concrete. Furthermore, as a primer for concrete remedial measures with a subsequent coating structure.  

Floor Coatings

Product Description Datasheet
LB-90 Solvent-based 1-component paint, universally suitable for the coating of flooring, cement flooring, cement fiberboard, concrete, stone.  
ZL-22 Liquid, solvent based plastic on epoxy resin base with outstanding durability properties against many chemicals, diluted alkalines, diluted acids, salts, oils, fats etc. High mechanical strength properties. ZL-22.pdf Datenblatt Download
ZX-91 Self-leveling, solvent free epoxy floor coating, for thicknesses of about 3 mm per application. Very suitable for industrial concrete surfaces. High resistance to mechanical stress, oil and chemical exposure.  
ZX-92 Solvent-free epoxy based grout. Viscous, pasty liquid to pour holes and cracks, concrete joints and spalling in the floor area (solid).  

Marking paints

Product Description Datasheet
DM-23 Particularly suitable for temporary marking tasks, such as for marking detours, construction sites, exits, control and trajectory.  
DM-30 Liquid Special marking paint for turf sport fields, superwhite, diluted with water. To produce marking lines with all standard wet-spraying equipment.  
DR-72 Quick-drying one-component solvent-based marking paint. High-contrast pigmentation. Excellent adhesion to concrete, asphalt, stone, iron, metal, wood, plaster and masonry.