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Emulsion paints and wood stains

for facades and walls. On plastic dispersion, silicone resin or silicate base. Colorfast stains on planed wood in the form of wood paneling, fences, wooden houses

Primers for facades and walls

Product Description Datasheet
DD-15 Water-based transparent cleaning and impregnating Primer on acrylic base. For strengthening finely porous, absorbent and / or sand key substrates, such as Plaster of all kind, gypsum board, concrete, aerated concrete, pavement, chalk, old wall and top coat.  
DL-50 Primary color for the fencing of nicotine stains on wall and ceiling surfaces and on wood in residential and guest rooms. Color: White  
DS-10 Aqueous primer and thinner, silicate-based. Suitable for pre-priming of mineral surfaces.  
DS-29 Transparent solvent-based impregnating agent on silicone resin base for mineral building materials, for hydrophobic equipment of concrete, inorganic plasters, asbestos cement, limestone, brick, natural and artificial stone, aerated concrete, and mineral pigments paint.  

Interior wall paints

Product Description Datasheet
DA-17 Paint for the colorful design of exterior and interior surfaces, advertising signs, labels or writings, and toning for facade and interior paint colors. Varicolored shades  
DM-12 Odorless and solvent-free dispersion paint with a high resin content, only for indoor use, according to DIN 53 778 WM. Suitable for indoor painting on plaster, stucco, drywall, Ingrain, and wood. Colors: pure white, with shades on request.  
DM-16 Semi-gloss, water-, latex paint for interior and exterior, high claimable. Suitable for walls in residential buildings, hospitals, barracks, public buildings, for kitchen, bath and shower enclosures, staircases. Washable. Colors: white, shades on request.  
DS-11 High quality mineral interior paint based on sodium silicate. Suitable for fresh plaster, portable and old plaster absorbent, rough switched concrete, viable mineral coatings on lime and cement base. Matt drying, breathable, high water permeability, good coverage. Colors: pure white, with shades on request.  

Facade paints

Product Description Datasheet
DM-13 Plastic emulsion paint for weatherproof outdoor facade coatings with excellent opacity. Dilutable with water. Not suitable for sand-lime brick. Colors: pure white, with shades on request.  
DS-13 Mineral silicate paint for exterior facades and interior walls, for plaster and masonry, remains breathable. Weatherproof. Suitable for new mineral and old plaster, rough switched concrete, viable mineral coatings on lime and cement base. Colors: pure white, with shades on request.  

Primers for wood grounds

Product Description Datasheet
GH-50 Solvent-based ventilation primer for softwoods such as Windows, doors, door frames, panels, boxes, frames, furniture  
GH-93 Thin fluid, odorless alkyd resin for impregnating of planed softwood surfaces. Protects window and door panels, timber frames, trim, balcony railings, fences against weather effects, moisture, humidity and premature pollution.  

Wood stains and varnishes

Product Description Datasheet
DA-35 Water-based, low-emission, environmentally friendly paint on acrylic resin. Excellent for indoor and outdoor paints on wood. Color shades: RAL, FK9  
LD-84 Weatherproof thick film wood stain for planed wood surfaces. Color shades: FK12, FK13  
LD-92 Low viscosity wood stain for weatherproof colorful design of planed wood surfaces. Color shades: FK12, FK13  
LD-95 Water-based wood stain for coloring wood surfaces. By the penetration into the wood, the softer parts of the grain will be highlighted (negative staining). Color on demand  
LK-12 1-C-gloss paint based on alkyd resins with a wide range of applications on steel, iron and wood. Color shades: RAL, NCS