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Zinc coatings and Zinc repair compounds

for galvanized surfaces, steel beams, fences, railings, container

Pretreatment / Cleaning

Product Description Datasheet
CR-12 Alkaline cleaner for aluminum and galvanized surfaces.  
RZ-50 Zinc clean
Highly effective acid-based cleaning and deoxidation product for hot-dip galvanised surfaces.
RZ-50.pdf Datenblatt Download
RZ-51 Acid cleaning and phosphating concentrate for galvanized surfaces.  


Product Description Datasheet
GK-15 1K-AC-primer for galvanized surfaces Color shades: SF  
GU-02 Weatherproof quick drying 1-C primer, based on special binders and zinc phosphate. Color shades: FK7 GU-02.pdf Datenblatt Download


Product Description Datasheet
ZG-02 Special epoxy resin-based primer with zinc phosphate for metallic surfaces such as steel, iron, zinc. Color shades: FK7 ZG-02.pdf Datenblatt Download


Product Description Datasheet
LZ-80 Liquid plastic compound for direct coating of zinc, aluminium and rigid PVC. Resistant to many chemicals, diluted acids and diluted lyes. Simple to use. Color shades: RAL, FK1, FK2, FK3, FK4, FK5, FK8, FK10, FK11, FK14, FK15 LZ-80.pdf Datenblatt Download
LZ-90 Liquid plastic on 1-component basis for direct coating of zinc and aluminium. No priming necessary. Resistant to many chemicals, diluted acids and diluted lyes. High resistance to weathering, easy to use. Color shades: RAL, FK1, FK2, FK3, FK4, FK8, FK10, FK11, FK14, FK15 LZ-90.pdf Datenblatt Download


Product Description Datasheet
ZL-22 Liquid, solvent based plastic on epoxy resin base with outstanding durability properties against many chemicals, diluted alkalines, diluted acids, salts, oils, fats etc. High mechanical strength properties. Color shades: RAL ZL-22.pdf Datenblatt Download
ZL-23 Special acrylic resin-based varnish. High resistance properties, highly scratch-proof. Ideal for the top coat of machines, motor vehicle, construction and agricultural machinery, particularly for repairs. Color shades: RAL ZL-23.pdf Datenblatt Download
ZY-20 Special 2-component coating substance for thin-layer top coating of machines, commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery. Color shades: RAL, FK1, FK2, FK3, FK8, FK10, FK11, FK14, FK15 ZY-20.pdf Datenblatt Download

Zinc repair compounds

Product Description Datasheet
GZ-70 Special paint on zinc dust base with 99.9 % pure zinc, without diluent and without other pigment portions. More than 92% zinc in dry-film. Color shade: grey GZ-70.pdf Datenblatt Download
LZ-09 Zinc metal thick-film coating system for repairing flaws in hot-dip galvanised steel parts, as well as for galvanised surfaces damaged during grinding or welding, and for non-galvanised small steel parts that are to be matched to galvanized constructions. Conforms to the requirements of standard DIN EN ISO 1461. Color shades: FK6 LZ-09.pdf Datenblatt Download
LZ-50 Zinc dust coating substance for repairing zinc coats on hot-dip galvanised steel parts. Binder base: Humidity-curing polyurethane. Suitable from the composition as a zinc repair coating to ZTV/KOR. The composition on delivery conforms with respect to zinc dust content, binder and solvent content to the specifications of TL/TP-KOR Steel Structures Sheet 89. LZ-50.pdf Datenblatt Download
LZ-99 Zinc metal paste for the repair of defects in hot dip galvanized coatings. Dry film about 200 microns in one operation possible. Color: Bright Zinc  

Zinc repair sprays

Product Description Datasheet
LZ-10 Zinc-Metal Touchup Spray
For touching up hot-dip galvanised surfaces and for colour matching of nongalvanised parts to the galvanised surrounding. Available in several colour shades. Color shades: FK16
LZ-10.pdf Datenblatt Download
LZ-16 Zinc Touchup Spray
For touching up hot-dip galvanised surfaces and for colour adaptation of extension parts to the galvanised environment. Available in several colour shades. Color shades: FK16
LZ-16.pdf Datenblatt Download

Covering varnishes

Product Description Datasheet
LZ-98 Varnish-like cover compound for steel and stainless steel surfaces, bolt and nut threads, locating surfaces and connection zones that must not take on a zinc coating during hotdip galvanising. Suitable only for acid, alkaline and alkaline-biological pickle degreasing! LZ-98.pdf Datenblatt Download