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Corrosion protection

for steel and iron in the building industry for example Steel structures, roofing, container, machinery and equipment, vehicles

Pretreatment / Cleaning

Product Description Datasheet
DP-63 Universal Paint Stripper to remove old paint coatings of metal and wood surfaces.  
RK-50 Acidic, water-soluble liquid. Chemically reacts with rust and iron. Phosphating and passivating.  
RK-51 Rust converter and rust primer in one product. For stabilization of residual rust on steel surfaces.  
RM-53 Concentrated Acid Pretreatment for the removal of flash rust on ferrous metals, etc.  


Product Description Datasheet
GK-00 1-C-rust primer for steel and iron surfaces. Color shades: FK7  
GK-02 High-quality activ-primer with selected antirust pigments. Weatherproof paint for all priming-works on steel and iron; for indoor and outdoor applications. Color shades: FK7 GK-02.pdf Datenblatt Download
GK-05 Thick weather-proof 1-C primer on special binder base. Color shades: FK7  
GU-02 Weatherproof quick drying 1-C primer, based on special binders and zinc phosphate. Color shades: FK7 GU-02.pdf Datenblatt Download
GZ-70 Special paint on zinc dust base with 99.9 % pure zinc, without diluent and without other pigment portions. More than 92% zinc in dry-film. Color shade: grey GZ-70.pdf Datenblatt Download


Product Description Datasheet
ZG-01 2-C-Special coating, zinc dust and epoxy based, with excellent adhesion properties. Color: gray  
ZG-02 Special epoxy resin-based primer with zinc phosphate for metallic surfaces such as steel, iron, zinc. Color shades: FK7 ZG-02.pdf Datenblatt Download
ZG-03 A fast drying 2-C acrylic primer with excellent adhesion properties. Color shades: FK7  


Product Description Datasheet
LK-12 1-C-gloss paint based on alkyd resins with a wide range of applications on steel, iron and wood. Color shades: RAL, NCS  
LK-18 1-C-gloss paint with special flake pigments. Good corrosion of wrought iron with an interesting decor. Color: Graphite  
LK-32 Quick-drying corrosion protection and metal protection coating with very high solid content. Semi-matt. Color shades: RAL  
LK-52 Quick-drying corrosion protection and metal protection coating with very high solid content. Glossy. Color shades: RAL LK-52.pdf Datenblatt Download


Product Description Datasheet
ZL-22 Liquid, solvent based plastic on epoxy resin base with outstanding durability properties against many chemicals, diluted alkalines, diluted acids, salts, oils, fats etc. High mechanical strength properties. Color shades: RAL ZL-22.pdf Datenblatt Download
ZL-23 Special acrylic resin-based varnish. High resistance properties, highly scratch-proof. Ideal for the top coat of machines, motor vehicle, construction and agricultural machinery, particularly for repairs. Color shades: RAL ZL-23.pdf Datenblatt Download
ZY-20 Special 2-component coating substance for thin-layer top coating of machines, commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery. Color shades: RAL, FK1, FK2, FK3, FK8, FK10, FK11, FK14, FK15 ZY-20.pdf Datenblatt Download
ZY-56 2-C-acrylic-perl-textured coating for industrial applications Color shades: RAL